Revolution Introduction

Introduction / overview

Revolution provides flexible control of laboratory automation systems. System configuration can easily be changed from within the application via the UI.

Tasks such as adding/removing and changing configuration data for instruments, storage, robots ( and other transfer devices ) and labware definitions can be done with ease and without extensive user training.

Revolution supports a 3D graphical simulation of the system which can be constructed to provide a life like model of a system which can aid many different stages from system design and conception through to training, demonstrations and process development.

In addition to novel features such as a 3D simulation and the high level configuration management features, Revolution also provides a powerful and flexible automation scheduler that supports a broad range of operations such as device invocation and labware transfer to novel and useful operations that support automation of common manual tasks such as store data manipulation ( clearing store data or filling store data ), email transmission, error notification and operations to pause/sleep for a given duration.