GUI Overview

One page summary of Revolution's GUI.

Revo GUI

Revolution’s interface provides a clean and simple tabbed user interface.

  • Schedule Editor – provides an editor that supports editing of many schedules concurrently. Supports copy/paste of both schedules and their operations
  • Storage Manager – the editor to support configuration management for stores. Revolution has an open and flexible model which supports both random access stores and sequential style stackers
  • Object Manager – supports the definition and management of labware object types and also object groups that can group instances of objects (plates/racks/tubes etc) into logical groups. Object groups are useful to allow grouping of objects for assays runs.
  • Device Manager – the device editor provides configuration management for instruments, instrument configuration data, instrument locations and also any simulation data related to instruments
  • System – the system tab shows the status of the system, IE active schedules and also devices states
  • Event Viewer – this tab shows current/active and historical schedule run data
  • Simulation – the simulation tab is the heart of the applications simulation support and provides a 3D view onto the system that supports pan/zoom of the view point. When running the simulation will show live real time motion of robots and labware.