Event Viewer

Revolution records events into its database. Types of events recorded are as follows (note that this is not an extensive list since the configurable nature of the event recorder means that bespoke events can be captured if required):

  • schedule operation execution,
  • schedule start/pause/resume/abort,
  • execution errors,
  • user logins etc

The event data can be viewed both live and also at a later date. The following screen shot shows the Thread View which shows a list of schedule threads executing in a given time window. Thread records can be selected from the table and opened to show event data in a schedule thread monitor.

Thread Monitor

The Schedule Thread Monitor is used to view and control live schedule execution and also to view historical schedule execution run data.

The following screen shot shows a set of swim lanes that show the sequence of operations and operation durations for a set of plates.

The Schedule Thread Monitor supports the following features:

  • Zooming in and out via mouse wheel and also via toolbar buttons
  • Zoom reset
  • Zoom extent which will reset the zoom and reset the time window so that the first events are at the top of the view
  • Time window scrolling either via dragging using the mouse or via the toolbar buttons:
  • A toolbar button to automatically set the view time window to the current time:
  • Schedule pause/resume/abort and delete labware buttons which are only available if the schedule is currently running.
  • The Schedule Thread Monitor supports printing and printing to image file.