D2 General Packing and Shipping Notes

The D2 is small and lightweight. It is shipped in a robust 500mm/500mm/500mm cardboard box with custom foam packing. This box contains the D2 in the lower half and the standard accessories are packed in the upper half.

The following provides information on how to safely unpack the D2 and also what each box should contain, so that you can check that everything present and correct.

If you are re-packing a D2 for shipping, please see the following : Repacking a D2 for shipping

Packing sub-item #1 (bottles)

Cardboard Box (152mm x 152mm x 152mm) Contents:

  • 2x 250ml GL45 Bottles (packed individually in bubble wrap bags, without caps)
  • 2x GL45 Gyger Bottle Caps complete with 1 blind plug each ( packed together in bubble wrap bag )
  • 2x Valve Hoses ( packed together in a bubble wrap bag)

Packing sub-item #2 (pressure regulator)

Cardboard Box (152mm x 152mm x 152mm) Contents:

  • 1x Pressure Regulator (assembled and set to default pressure matching default calibrations)

Packing sub-item #3 (RS485/USB cable)

DTECH manufacturer packaging, into clear bubble wrap bag Contents:

  • 1x DTECH 2m USB to RS422/485

Packing sub-item #4 (power supply)


  • 1x D2 Power Supply (with suitable plug for customer country)

Packing codes vs country:

  • #4-EU : Type-C Europe
  • #4-UK : Type-G United Kingdom & Ireland
  • #4-USA : Type-B USA
  • #4-CN : China
  • #4-AUS : Australia

Packing sub-item #5 (Gyger valve tool & waste tray)


  • 1x Gyger valve tool/spanner (to tighten/loosen the valves)
  • 1x Waste tray

Packing sub-item #6 (5ml syringe pack)


  • 1x 5ml Syringe pack

Packing sub-item #7 (air hoses)


  • 1x D2 Air Hose Set


If you are repacking your loaner D2 or returning for repair, please follow the instructions below:

The Z axis motor should be gently turned by hand to lift the arms up high enough to allow the nest packing foam to be gently inserted under the arms. The nest packing foam is shown here, this is a small piece of foam roughly the size of an SBS plate with a Y cutout.

Gently wind the Z axis back down to secure the nest foam as shown in the following photo. Once secured, decorators tape should be applied, as shown, to secure the arms into the nest foam and also to secure the Z axis motor to stop it from turning during transit.

Next, gently lower the D2 into the lower half of the box as shown and use the orange velcro strap to secure the D2 down into the foam cut-out. The D2 cables should ideally be packed in bubble wrap to stop them from causing damage.

After securing the D2 into the base of the box using the velcro provided, fit the piece of plain 500mm x 500mm foam on top of the D2 as shown here:

Finally, key together the two matching parts with cut-outs to make a cross foam section as shown here: