D2 Dispenser Quick Start


The d2 is small and light. It can easily be unboxed and installed by a single person (without requiring an installation team, or a chiropractor).

The packing box will contain the accessories in the top half and the D2 dispenser in the bottom half of the box. First remove the accessories and set them safely to one side.

Next unfasten the Velcro straps that secure the cardboard separator and remove the cardboard to reveal the device as shown here:

Unfasten the Velcro strapping that holds the device down to the base of the foam packing and then carefully remove the device from the box. Only lift the device by the stainless steel chassis/base, not the dispenser arms.

Place the device on a stable and level surface.

Carefully remove the blue packing tape from the arms and the Z axis motor.

In order to release the arms from the foam packing that is secured under valve head you will need to rotate the Z axis motor clock wise by several full rotations. See the image below which will help you to identify key parts of the device.

key parts of the device

The following image shows the key parts of the device:

identifying the parts that are supplied

  1. Your new d2
  2. Power supply - with localized plug to suit your country
  3. USB to serial adaptor cable
  4. Precision pressure regulator (pressure preset from factory)
  5. Air and fluid hoses plus fittings
  6. 2 x 250ml bottles including caps
  7. 1 x Disposable waste tray (3d printed)
  8. 1 x Syringe 5ml including syringe cap
  9. 1 x Gyger 17967 ΒΌ/28 UNF to Female Luer Lock adaptor for syringe mounting
  10. Spares and tools kit containing
    1. 1 x Gyger valve tool (used to tighten/loosen the valves)
    2. 10 x spare valve o-rings


The d2 is supplied with a USB/serial dongle and a power supply.

On Windows you will need to open up the Device Manager window and then expand the Ports(COM & LPT) section.

  1. Click the Windows button on your keyboard: then type “Device Manager” to open the Device Manager window.
  2. Expand the Ports section and you will see something like the following image.
  3. Now connect the USB cable to your PC and you should see a new “USB Serial” device appear.
  4. Make a note of the COM# port number as you will need this later.

If you do not have drivers installed already you can download the driver package here:
DTECH FTDI Windows driver download

On macOS you will need to find the name of the USB serial TTY/COM port.

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Type ls /dev/tty.usb* and hit return.
  3. Make a note of the usbserial TTY device name as you will need it later. The terminal output will look something like this: user@mymacname ~ % ls /dev/tty.usb* /dev/tty.usbserial-144220


Now connect the supplied power supply to the mains power.

compressed air supply

The device is supplied with a regulator pre-set to the correct initial pressure.

To set up the air supply simply connect the supplied length of blue 6mm hose between your compresssed air supply and the “in” port of the pressure regulator.

Next connect the “out” port of the pressure regulator to the two bottle caps. This hose section contains a valve that can be used to quickly turn the compressed air supply on/off to allow you to easily change bottles and fluids.

Finally, connect the two 1.6mm fluid hoses from the bottles to the valve inlet ports. The tube should rest close to the bottom of the supplied 250ml bottles.

web app

The good news is that there isn’t a long and complex software installation process to follow! πŸ‘

The software for the d2 is a modern, clean, progressive web app that runs in Chrome .

Currently Safari browser from Apple does not support some of the required features to communicate with serial devices and so Safari does not work at this time. However, Chrome is supported on all platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Head to the following link to install Chrome if you don’t have it already:- https://www.google.co.uk/chrome/

Next, head to https://dispense.ukrobotics.app to get started.

If you need parts such as additional valves or bottles, just head to our online shop:- https://www.ukrobotics.com/